Automatic core shooters of the KSA 40S-150S series are designed for a shot volume from 40 to 150 Liters. The machine table is designed for high stability and for a total weight of up to 2,500 Kg.

Special features:

  • Extremely rugged and compact four-column design,
  • Does not require a foundation for installation,
  • Can be fitted with add-on components,
  • Core boxes of the horizontal or vertical split design of large dimensions for large flat sand cores,
  • Optimum core production times,
  • Short setting-up times,
  • Hydraulic clamping of the shooting plate,
  • Mobile shooting and gassing units with integral upper ejector,
  • Mechanical or hydraulic quick-clamping system for the drag,
  • Mechanical or hydraulic systems for the seating of the cope (for the horizontal split design),
  • Vacuum or magnetic chucking of the core box halves,
  • Optimum core box clamping for core boxes of the vertical split design through hydraulically adjustable clamping stations, and
  • Standard equipment for two single items in the core box.
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